Time Trial

Zany though it is, this concept bike (pictured) ushered its maker to a 2016 age group USAT National Championships qualification. The fully reconditioned (circa 1990) Waterford lugged frame is paired with a Baltic Birch plywood beam, riveted aluminum storage compartments, and a custom "aero" acrylic bottle mount. It's also comfy. 

Rest assured however, your Nomad custom TT bike won't resemble this oddball experiment; nor will it commit such a misdemeanor on the gram scale. Yours will, however, share some of this rolling behemoth's geometry. Whether designed for UCI-legal time trials or via the anything-goes rulebook of tri bikes, your Nomad custom TT bike will feature a short head tube, steep seat tube angle, and a horizontal top tube to produce your fastest - and funnest - times.