Yes, you can actually get a Nomad bike in colors.

Yes, you can actually get a Nomad bike in colors.


Q. Is Nomad a large company, or a single bike builder? Who will actually craft my bike?

A. All bikes are designed, built, and painted by Kyle Damon. In essence he puts his name on every Nomad bike — because "Nomad" is "Damon" spelled backwards. Dyslexic branding. 

Q. Is it possible to speed up the process? I see that the wait for a Nomad bike is around 14 weeks, can I get my bike sooner?

A. No, the queue is not flexible. The waiting period is a good faith guess based on current orders.

Q. Can I specify the parts I want?

A. Yes, while you can always defer to KD, head tube dimensions, lugs, drop outs, tubing specs, etc. are all negotiable.

Q. Is there a "standard" frame geometry? How do I get fitted for a Nomad frame?

A.  There are no stock geometry Nomads. Local bike shops can generally recommended qualified bike fitters in your area. KD can help you find one if necessary.

Q. How do I choose what my bike will look like? I have no idea how to go about "designing" the paint job.

A. Not to worry, Kyle Damon would happily – if not preferably – design your custom paint scheme. His background as an artist and sculptor are part of the skill set that makes your Nomad bike unique.

Q. Is it possible to specify another material instead of steel, like carbon fiber or titanium, for my bike?

A. No, Nomads are not available in any material other than steel.

Q. What is the fork made out of? In your Tech specs you mention you pair the steel frame with carbon fiber fork, which is great — but I don't think matte black would look great with the colors I have in mind.

A. Each fork is a matte black carbon Enve, and can also be custom painted. KD can also build and paint for you a custom steel fork for an additional charge.

Q. How do I secure a place in the queue?

A. You are in the queue when your $1,000 deposit arrives.

Still have questions? Use the Contact Page to start a conversation with Kyle. He loves to talk bikes!